Plugin gat_scanlines (English)

Plugin gat_scanlines (English)

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It was a study how to create a multi language python plug-in first. This means, that it's possible to run one script in users language, if someone has translateed it before.

This script draws vertical and / or horizontal Lines on a new layer. The distance between the Lines could be defined. It' possible to select a brush and tool for painting.

Distance Between Lines
Please typ in the distance between the lines.

Number Of Lines
Please type in number of lines to draw. If the line should be drawn outside the image, the script will interrupt the loop without error message and continue it at next step.

Select the brush which should be used.

Paint Tool
Select the tool which should be used for drawing (Pencil, Brush)

Please select the direction of lines. Possible values are VERTICAL, HORIZONTAL and BOTH


Download and unpack file from into your plug-in folder. Unpack all files The existing file structure has to be take ove from your zip - file. If you are working withLinux, please don't forget to make your executable chmod 755 After restart of THE GIMP the plug-in should be available. You will find it on menu / Filters / Gimp-Atelier / Scanlines

Example 1: Very thin horizontal and vertical lines. Effect generated with layer mode.

Example 2:Very thin Lines on two layers (one for horizontalö lines, the other one for vertical lines). iwrap used on both layers.

Example 3:Thick horizontal line and thin vertical lines on separated layers. iwrap used on both layers.
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